Available in either a standard 2-Sleeve kit, or our bespoke made-to-measure 4-Sleeve Full kit.  This is a high quality aftermarket product which offers 360 degree Upper fork protection for those expensive & very important INVERTED/USD (Upside Down) motorcycle forks.

   After 2 Years of extensive research & testing on many bikes in the real world, Forkshrink was born.  

   They are made from a unique toughened polymer which offers 360 degree bespoke protection for your forks, unlike any other product on sale today.  They are also Glue lined internally which ensures this product stays put & protects the areas most vulnerable to damage when fitted to your forks.
If you have a set of forks which are showing their age, Forkshrink will mask the imperfections as well as protect them from further wear.

   If you have a newer set of forks & want to keep them looking new, Forkshrink 360 will be the perfect protection against future wear & tear.
Have you ever fitted fork decals/stickers to your bike?  Along with the limited protection decals provide, you will always end up with a large uncovered area at the back of the fork.  

   Forkshrink 360 will not only cover the rear area of the fork, but also all of the ridges including those which house those all important oil seals.

   All upside down motorcycle forks vary in diameter.  Eg. A standard set of forks may have a tube which will be 55mm at the triple clamp yoke, which tapers to 50mm, which then expands to 60mm to cover the fork seals.

   Forkshrink 360 ensures all areas are covered correctly by bespoke shrinking to the exact required size from the initial fitting.

      Don't leave it to chance,  PROTECT your FORKS NOW!!


Forkshrink 360 is a high quality aftermarket product which offers the Ultimate Protection for forks.  This product is not produced directly for any suspension manufacturer, whether supplied by the Original Equipment Manufacturer of your motorcycle or as a performance aftermarket item.  Our manufacturing plant is not associated/affiliated with any other manufacturers' product or products. is a registered Trademark of Factory Arme Products Limited


Please note – Forkshrink 360 sleeves are produced to cover & protect the exposed fork area.   If the sleeve/s gets torn & holes appear, foreign substances such as water, mud and/or bike cleaner can sit in between the fork & sleeve.  If left for a long period, these can harm the coating of the tube.   To ensure these foreign substances do not harm the fork tube over time, you are advised to remove and/or replace the damaged Forkshrink 360 sleeve/s.  In plain speak, remove when torn or stone chips appear.  By purchasing this product, you are confirming you have read & understand the above.

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